Supreme Rug Replica- Custom Rugs

All successful brands have at least one thing in common: a strong sense of brand identity. Individuals attach meanings, even feelings and emotions to the brands that they use. Corporate entities spend millions building up an image to the outside world that represents their company. What is often forgotten is that real branding starts with employees, not with customers. If a company cannot convince their staff that they are quirky and cool, or professional and reliable, then communicating these implied traits to the end consumer becomes much more difficult. Internal corporate branding has many faces: uniform policies, internal communications, pay, holiday and bonus schemes to name but a few. However, none more so than the working environment, and a big part of that involves the furnishings and decor of the workplace, and there are few options to achieve this better than a custom rug. Checkout supreme rug replica for more info.

Colour plays a huge part in identity and is a key consideration not only for interior designers and decorators but for brand managers and marketing professionals alike. Custom rugs are the perfect way to bring a brand or product to life in the work place. Custom rugs can be made to match the corporate colour scheme of a business and helps boost the brand identity to employees as well as visiting customers. A custom rug will afford the company the opportunity to match closely, if not exactly, with their logo to typeface colours. Custom rugs can be creative as well, exhibiting the creative or artistic flair that a company or brand has to offer. Rugs in the form of modern art may be a good choice for an art dealer, whereas an architect may want their rug to display structure lines and forms. A technology company may wish a rug carved and embossed to bring to life a microchip styled piece of one of their products. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, the most common type of custom or bespoke rug for a company or brand is the corporate logo rug. Perfect for a main reception area, entrance, company HQ or boardroom. A high quality custom logo rug will offer a focal point, comfort and warmth as well as add a level of professionalism to any firm. Colours are matched using wool or art-silk colour boxes, designs and fonts can be replicated on the floor covering; different shapes are even possible allowing for the rug to become a branding vehicle in its own right. True custom rugs can be made to measure, bespoke in design and colour, they can even be made to a customised shape and have different levels, textures and materials. A rug for the purposes of branding has the benefit of being portable – many companies use their rugs in their main offices but also for display and decoration at trade exhibitions. To improve internal branding by using decor there are not many better options than a custom rug.